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The Society is continuing to expand its work substantially both here and overseas. We have now undertaken
  • our second Annual Conference and and are now even beginning to plan the next one from 14-16th February 2019 in Savannah so please save the date!
  • several one day colloquia on key issues ranging from Liturgical Revision, Marriage and most recently Apologetics looking at God and Science
  • work in Tanzania which has reached thousands of young people and where we plan a new edition of the classic Kiswhahili Prayer Book
  • a complete new volume of Catechesis to teach the faith in Parishes entitled: I am His has been made available
  • and a number of parish visits are in the planning stage and we welcome invitations to send a speaker for such events...
  • an expanding archive of past editions of the Anglican Way and the writings of the Revd. Dr. Peter Toon the former President of the Society.

All this has taken major investment, so there could be no better time to donate in support of our future work !

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Latest News

A Message from the President of the Prayer Book Society USA


As we progress into Advent and prepare for the feast of the Lord’s Nativity, we have good and important news to report to you about the Society’s work and the Prayer Book’s continuing vitality.

“Rite One” Texts have been preserved in TEC
At last summer’s General Convention, a proposal for comprehensive revision of the 1979 Prayer Book was defeated, in favor of permitting new experimental rites while preserving the 1979 book. While we have significant reservations about the 1979 Prayer Book as a whole, in its Rite I services it does preserve significant portions of Cranmerian text, which are beloved by many faithful within the Episcopal Church. (As one Rite I stalwart put it, “they can have the Rite I services when they pry them from my cold, dead hands”.) That decision was a significant victory for the continuance of the Prayer Book tradition within the Episcopal Church, and preserves within it an important witness to the historic faith and the Bible’s teaching.

The Society has a Growing Presence in Social Media and a Growing following on the Internet 
The Prayer Book Society has a growing presence on the Web. Our journal, the Anglican Way, is now also available digitally, and its essays are the focus of widening comment; our Facebook site gets a steadily increasing number of visitors, “likes” and “friends”; while the number of people who receive our mailings by email is also growing. These are excellent signs not just of the Society’s managing technological change, but also of the rising interest of younger generations in the historic faith and worship of Anglican Christianity.

Next Year’s Conference – on the need for Classical Anglicanism
After two successes with our first two Prayer Book conferences, we are taking the time to plan an even larger event for the fall of 2019, one which will draw in a yet larger attendance and have even more impact. The proposed topic is Classical Anglicanism, what it is, and why it is needed in the church today; and we have a roster of speakers lined up who can speak about this historically, theologically, and practically. We will send more details but they can also be seen online on our websites anglicanway.org or pbsusa.org

It is our individual supporters who have made our past achievements possible with their donations and we ask that you help us now to achieve even more at a critical time in the church. 

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Yours in Christ,

The Rev’d Gavin Dunbar, President, The PBS-USA.

PS Please help us make the 2019 a year of real renewal for classical Anglicanism in America !

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