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The Society is continuing to expand its work substantially both here and overseas. We have now undertaken
  • our second Annual Conference and and are now even beginning to plan the next one from 14-16th February 2019 in Savannah so please save the date!
  • several one day colloquia on key issues ranging from Liturgical Revision, Marriage and most recently Apologetics looking at God and Science
  • work in Tanzania which has reached thousands of young people and where we plan a new edition of the classic Kiswhahili Prayer Book
  • a complete new volume of Catechesis to teach the faith in Parishes entitled: I am His has been made available
  • and a number of parish visits are in the planning stage and we welcome invitations to send a speaker for such events...
  • an expanding archive of past editions of the Anglican Way and the writings of the Revd. Dr. Peter Toon the former President of the Society.

All this has taken major investment, so there could be no better time to donate in support of our future work !

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Latest News

Building on our heritage;


Does anyone know what Anglicanism is? Is there even a thing – coherent and unified – which we could identify as Anglicanism? 
Even manyAnglicans don’t seem to know – and some even boast of it. 
It should be no surprise therefore that our Anglican Communion is fractured and fragmented, since our understanding of the truth is fragmented.  But the Lord said, 
“gather up the fragments, that nothing be lost” 
– and as faithful Anglicans we are doing just that, seeking the wholeness, coherence, and meaning that endures amidst the broken pieces.  

That is why this year’s Prayer Book Society Conference, probably our most successful ever, asked simply,
“What is classical Anglicanism?” 

It convened a most distinguished group of international scholars and opened with a sterling call to arms by Bishop C. FitzSimmons Allison
followed by Neil Robertson of King’s College Halifax on “Anglicanism in the Age of Modernity”. 
Next came a series of globally-recognized scholars on the work of Richard Hooker, led by Torrance Kirby,  Professor of Ecclesiastical History at McGill and Bradford Littlejohn of the Davenant Institute and editor of The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity in Modern English
They were joined by Jesse D. Billett, from the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity College Toronto and Samuel L. Bray,  Professor of law at the University of Notre Dame, as well as our own Professor, Roberta Bayer, from Patrick Henry College who set out the vital links between the thought of Richard Hooker and the Framers of the American Constitution. Then Dean William McKeachie expounded upon the life and witness of the late Fr. William Ralston. 

Our conference reminded us that authenticAnglicanism has always sought to preserve unity in fidelity to truth in its teaching. 

Throughout the history of Anglicanism there have been predictions of division and demise, none of which have come to pass, yet there is a grave challenge now from those who would abandon the historic faith for an alternative of their own devising. 

This makes it vital that the Prayer Book Society can continue to set out clearly what Classical Anglicanism truly is, so that we can be faithful to the Great Commission and bring this treasure that is ours to a world in desperate need of salvation.

Here there is yet more good news, for the Society will shortly launch a strikingly redesigned Anglican Way magazine and website that will help to expand our impact yet further while remaining true to our heritage.

All this is taking what is for us a very large investment, over this year and next, but we do this knowing that it is our devoted supporters,  like you,  who are making all this possible. 

We are deeply grateful for all that you have given to advance our cause and hope that you will join us once more in support of our work at this critical juncture.

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Thank you ! 

The Revd. Fr. Gavin Dunbar
President of the Prayer Book Society USASt. John’s Church, Savannah, GA

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The Society exists to promote Anglican belief and worship as expressed in the Common Prayer tradition and Angli­can formularies since the first Book of Common Prayer of 1549, in the Church of England, and on through the 1928 Prayer Book down to the present day: worship is at the heart of Chris­tianity and the Common Prayer tradition is at the heart of Anglican worship.

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