Anglican e-Way of September 9th

Is the Prayer Book Evangelistic ? 
Can a church that uses
one of the classical Prayer Books
(England 1662, USA 1928, Canada 1962)
fulfill the Great Commission
to “make disciples of all nations”?
By the Rev. Gavin Dunbar
It is a mark of our time that many Anglican and Episcopalian Christians would answer these questions in the negative. The Prayer Book may be good for some things – but not evangelism. So runs the current wisdom. So prevalent is this view, that even many Prayer Book Episcopalians share it!
Reflecting on the three legged stool of the Anglican via media…
Upholding a real Anglican continuity
from Richard Hooker
to Charles Gore and beyond….
It is striking that Richard Hooker is so often spoken of by Anglicans even though there is often a want of attention to what exactly he actually said…..
Missing from the news:
The story of militant Fulani
attacks on Christians in Nigeria
Since 2001, the Africa Center for Strategic Studies has estimated that up to 60,000 Nigerian have been killed in violence between Fulani herdsmen and farmers.
And on another note…..
After Labor Day
as a small divertissement….
Reflecting lightly upon the ecclesial feline phenomenon….
The subject and domain of the cat is dangerous, even though it be a common one in the life of churches. In large part this is consequent upon the very strong but deeply divergent views that the cat can arouse